Njambi’s Diaspora Returnee Interview

diaspora returnee

Today’s diaspora returnee; Njambi Mungai wrote a very popular diaspora article in December last year. So I online stalked her, stumbled on her blog, and further stalked her on Twitter. I got her email and we hit it off from the first hello. Most people who have never lived in Scandinavia usually want an hour powerpoint presentation […]

Interview with Photographer Nick Klaus: How To Go Back To Kenya Properly- Part 1

Nick mentoring a young lad

Nick has been my Facebook friend for years and at first glance I thought he was an arrogant player in Nairobi. I am so glad I took the time to learn who he really is. He has overcome odds that would stop me in my tracks, is very courageous, wise, and a meticulous planner. He […]

Narudi Nyumbani

On my birthday in Villa Rosa Kempinski

    Hi good people, So I disappeared to write a book and learnt a lot about publishing a book. There is so much that goes into it. And also so much more to market and sell the book well. I’m not satisfied with not selling my book well….that’s just me but I feel like […]

We Are All Martha Maina: The Guest Post

the saddest girl in the world:(

Note from Nyakarima: I found this article very shocking and being a Christian I thought the part of picking other gods, uneccesary. However, I’ve been talking to the author who has been hurt repeatedly, has gone through extremely horrible conditions while living abroad and all these circumstances have made her who she is today.  She […]